☆ Ashley aka "Pepe" Busiel. ☆

me ♥ Bowling is how I go. Pepe is how I roll. ☆

Bowling Practice Has Begun and the team is looking great this Year! ☃

Random Facts about me.

★ I am on the Valpo Women's Bowling Team. ★
★ I am a DIE-HARD White Sox Fan. ★
★ I am involved in a Haunted Hike every year. ★
★ I love to go out and have fun with my friends in downtown Chicago.★
★ My friends are as crazy as I am. ★

Geography of Cyberspace Fall 2010 Website.

♬ My Life as I know it aka My Blog ♬

Course Assignments.

Answers to Virtual Field Trip 2.

Answers to Virtual Field Trip 3.

Virtual Field Trip 4.

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